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Apartment Trends You Probably Haven’t Heard of

Everyone has that one hip friend who just oozes style and creativity even without trying. If you are trying to keep up, you probably get it right when it is already out of style. Well, we have you covered. In this post, you will find different creative ideas you can use behind closed in your home to add some style. I can bet it is nothing you have heard off before.

Well sorry to say but standard house plants and fresh cut flowers are too mainstream. You need to think outside the box, or should it be inside the box? Terrariums are the newest trend in home decor. A terrarium can be defined as an aquarium but for plants. You can have one in any container you like. They look like a miniature garden enclosed in its own little world. As a matter of fact, terrariums have their own mini-climate. You can choose to either completely cover the container or have a small opening, it is all up to you.

Faux taxidermy
Since real taxidermy is considered cruel and makes no sense, why not try faux taxidermy. It has become common and it looks like it is sticking around. You can get beautiful décor made from alternative materials such a cardboard without the cruelty. This décor is majestic, modern and well… animal-friendly. You can make it the focal point of a room if you so wish.

Swing chairs
Do not just stop at having indoor plants, bring the outdoors inside with a swing chair in the middle of your living room or bedroom. Swing chairs do not just make children happy but adults as well. Modern swing seats are playful and fun creating a cool space to relax after a long day. Since hipsters are minimalist and love making their own things, a tire swing can stand in for a swing chair. Tire swings, if installed properly, are suitable for both children and adults.

Tassels and pompoms
Right now pompoms and tassels are having a big moment, it is a trend that just might stay longer. You can incorporate it into almost any item in your home. It is common to find decorative pillows with tassels. People are now hunting pompom and tassel lined items to decorate their home. While pillows are the most popular tasseled product other household items include; wall hangings, baskets, rugs and towels.

Neon lights
If you are a little daring bring light back into your home with beautiful neon lights in the bedroom or in the living room. If perfectly placed, neon lights have the power to bring out the best of any room. The best part about neon lights is that you can have them shaped into anything, whether numbers, words or objects such as a floating cloud. The fact that they are versatile offers you a unique and cute way to decorate just about any room in the house.

There are countless ideas to decorate your home. Now that you have chosen a hip look, the ideas just tripled. You can be unique and come up with your own inspired interior décor. Someone might like it and copy it and before you know it, it becomes a trend.

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